Dear studying parents,
Dear interested parties,

You are studying with a child and you don’t know how to find the time to study or where to meet other parents and their children? You like the idea of mutual assistance in childcare?

Studentenwerk and the public charity Studentische Eltern Leipzig e.V. offer child-friendly rooms in the student’s accomodation at Nürnberger Straße 42. ZAPPELKISTE has a play and sleep room for little children and a study room where you can study while your child is asleep or plays in another room attended by other parents.

These rooms are open every working day from 10am to 2pm (and earlier/later as required by the users). You can get information about being a student with a child in Leipzig and you can exchange experiences with other parents in the same situation. You have friends who have children? Bring them along as well. Drop by, don’t be shy. Everybody is welcome!

For further information have a look at our German site or e-mail us.

Volunteers wanted

We are always looking for volunteers who would like to take of children while their parents are studying.

The task: You oversee and take care of the children in the play room while their parents are studying in the room next door. Those of you who do not have children yet: You might find yourselves amazed at how relaxing and exciting at the same time it can be to forget the time while you’re plying with toddlers.

Even two hours a week would be enormously helpful!



Telephone: 0341 2117194

Facebook: Studentische Eltern Leipzig

Nürnberger Straße 42
04103 Leipzig
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